GLOBEGAS ENGINEERING SDN BHD (GESB) with company registration no 626046-A was setup based on experience, professionalism, cooperation and commitments. Our company have been established on 25 August 2003 with 100% bumiputra status, to work with engineering work of gas piping system installation which covering Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas (NG) beside civil and maintenance works.

Our related work is including of Consulting, Designing, Submission, Construction, Modification, Servicing & Maintenances, Requalification Tanks, Renewal Private Gas License, Auditing, Testing and Commissioning of Piping Reticulation (LPG / NG / NGV /LNG / BIOGAS/ Other Gases / Fuel system). Parameter involve are cover Infra system, domestic, commercial and industrial application such Government Bodies, Private Sector ex; Plant, Industrial, Factories, Developer, Shopping Mall, Mix Development, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Condominium, Apartments, houses unit, to few names.

GESB was develop through knowledge and experience of the staff and management for among 19 years in gas pipeline and 10 years in civil work involving light to medium industries. Thus, we are familiar in all type of constructing line even in ISO work.
GESB has operate with adequate skilled and professional staffs specializing in gas and civil work. We are able to solve any problem related with gas line and always to make sure it’s followed the regulation and requirement.

GESB also have their own welder and competence person which certified and qualified by JKKP and Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST). We are be able and familiar to liaise with JKKP, ST, Gas Malaysia Bhd, BHP Marketing Sdn Bhd, Petronas NGV S/B, Petronas Dagangan Berhad, Consultant Firm, Main Contractor, Developer, Owner or other related parties.

In the Moment, GESB has been registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Gas), JKKP, BHP, Petronas, Gas Malaysia Bhd, Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB), Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK), Kementerian Kewangan (MOF), KPDNKK (PDA for LPG Bulk supply) and at the same time, we toward to registered with other bodies.


We are license gas supplier in Malaysia which provide a bulk filling at customer premises. There is small LPG tank that we can provide loan to our customer which called as C200 or baby tank or pig tank. It can store up to 200kg LPG per tank. By using this type of storage tank and site filling, it will minimize the losses due to residue transfer as compare to vapor gas cylinders. We are registered with KPDNHEP under PDA 4 and provide a gas delivery through our local authorized distributors. All our gas is origin from processing plant and it is not an illegal decanting supply.

The tank can be installed in manifold group and shall limit up to 6 units per storage as long there is 7.5m of safety distance to the building. In safe practices, we also can install up to 4 units of C200 attach to building under 0m distances. The locating of more LPG storage attached to building is limit to 4nos only with 8m safety distance to each others of LPG storage.

For bigger gas consumption with limited evaporation rate, the vaporizer shall be used to cater the demand. The evaporation rate is depending on vaporizer capacity and it should design accordingly with suitable pipe sizing and regulator flowrate as well.

The tank can periodically refill by LPG tanker instead of changing the cylinder. The refilling at customer’s storage will be charged base on volume of filling which related to the client usage. The volume is measured trough a calibrated meter on the tanker and shall be witness by client representative during refilling process. Through a meter reading in a liter, it can straight away convert to ‘kg’ base on LPG density 0.555kg/l. The client only paid the LPG filling base on the top up amount and it can save a lot of wastages due to cylinder transfer (Residue / unconsumed balance from gas cylinder transfer to gas dealer).

The usage of C200 or baby tank or pig tank at customer premises is versatile in LPG filling concept while meet the safety requirement. The tank itself are design to meet the onsite filling criteria, equipped with pressure gauge, contain gauge, ullage gauge and safety relief valve.

By applying a safe good practice, complying to the code of FMA, MS 830 and authority jurisdiction make the storage facilities are safe for user while minimize the losses and enjoy the continuous supply at affordable price. It shall get an approval from local authority; Energy Commissioner or DOSH, subject to the type installation (commercial / industrial installation). The storage and use of LPG in the premises shall also to get approval from KPDNHEP

Globegas Engineering Sdn Bhd is one stop solution to provide a consultation, designing, construction and provide a LPG bulk supply in Peninsular Malaysia at affordable price. Our good track record and pioneer in the gas market is a good choice for customer for their business. We are also qualified and licensed gas contractor under Malaysia’s gas authority and been engaged as a panel contractor by oil company in Malaysia such Petronas, BHP & Gas Malaysia Bhd. There are various type of customer using our engineering service and enjoy from our gas supply. Some of them are Shopping Mall, F&B, Restaurant, Fabrication Industries, Automotive Industries, Food Industries, Manufacturing Industries and Etc




  • We Provide Emergency Response & Troubleshoot at Customer Premises
  • We Provide Maintenance and Servicing for complete gas system and gas burner
  • We Provide an Inspection & Gas Auditing to comply with Malaysian Standard and Authority Requirement
  • We Provide a Gas License Renewal (Retail License, Private License)
  • We Will Keep On Behalf Client for Authority Record (As Built Drawing, Approval To Install (ATI /PTI), Approval To Operate (ATO/PTO) and can be refer in future
  • We Provide Gas Training and Safety Awareness
  • We Provide Warranty for The Installation
  • We Provide Guaranty and Satisfaction on The Services
  • Assistance For System Operation / Breakdown / Emergency Response
  • Good Cooperation, Fast Response and Reliable for a Continuous Supply in Gas Market



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