We are licensed gas contractor. We provide EPCC for gas pipe reticulation of LPG and Natural Gas. Its include the gas regulating station, storage facilities of LPG, CNG & LNG and related piping to the gas burner or furnace. We are among the listed LPG contractor and Natural Gas Contractor in Malaysia. The sector cover from domestic, commercial, industrial and plant application. We are working direct with client to fulfil their requirement and at same time, we are also the vendor contractor for oil & gas company such Petronas, BHP and Gas Malaysia Bhd.

Our client consists of Oil Company, Assets Owner, M&E consultant, Developer, Building or F&B Operator even the domestic personnel. We are working to support the industries in Malaysia into a dedicated, integrated, sustainable, safest and more efficient.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) :-

Engineering Functions

  • Basic Engineering
  • Planning
  • Detail Engineering
  • Estimating request for Quote
  • Construction Engineering


Procurement Functions

  • Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Receiving
  • Invoicing
  • Delivery & Transport


Construction Functions

  • Civil & structural construction
  • Mechanical piping system
  • Gas detection system


Commissioning Functions

  • Pressure Testing
  • System Commissioning



1. Fully Design, Supply, Install, Test & Commissioning for Liquified Petroleum Gas-LPG/ Natural Gas-NG/ Natural Gas for Vehicles-NGV station / Gas Metering Station / Pipeline & LNG system

2. Supply & Installation Of Complete LPG System (Bulk Tank, Baby Tank and Manifold complete with Vaporizer).

3. Supply & Installation Of Complete Gas Storage / Metering System (LPG Storage & Natural Gas Metering Station and Piping)

4. Specializing in design and installation of LPG reticulation systems for residential, commercial and industrial.

5. Conversion of LPG to NG supply including replacing and modification burner orifice / injector.

6. Installation Of Gas Detection, Monitoring System and Safety Auto Cut Off System for gas pipeline

7. Liaisons with related bodies such as BOMBA, JKKP, Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Gas), Gas Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

8. Authority Submission and Inspection To Get Approval and License (Suruhanjaya Tenaga-Gas & JKKP).

Our service not limited to consultation and design, but we able to provide the complete service include the design, installation, technical support, operation and maintenance. We are most welcome to any inquiries for EPCC of fuel gas system and looking forward to serve our client. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 019-221 2369 / 012-899 8217 / 014-250 6400 for more detail and further inquiries.


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