Natural gas is a hydrocarbon which produced from deceased animal buried deep under the earth for millions of years. This fossil fuel majorly consists of methane while it mixed with other hydrocarbon such ethane, propane and butane beside small amount of other gases such carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and nitrogen.

Natural gas is extracted from inside the Earth through drilling and alongside with oil drills. Natural gas is colourless, odourless and highly flammable. Natural gas is non-renewable energy been used for electric generation, heating, cooking, fuel energy for factory production and also vehicles.

Domestic natural gas production has grown in the past few years and Malaysia is now become one of the world producer


About Natural Gas
  • Natural gas is odourless, colourless, flammable and non-toxic.
  • Natural gas was first discovered when lighting strikes ignited gas that was seeping from the ground in the middle east between 6000 and 2000 BC.
  • In 1626, natural gas was found in America when French explorers discovered Native Americans igniting gases that were seeping out of Lake Erie.
  • Natural gas in Malaysia is produced along with crude oil extraction (oil well) as natural product and transport trough pipe line to the shore. The gas is originally transported to the customer trough pipeline. In modern facilities, the natural gas also been transport trough CNG and LNG to the customer


Why Use Natural Gas 

Natural gas is a beneficial source of natural energy, offering advantages over other energy sources such as:

  • fewer impurities
  • less chemically complex
  • combustion results in less pollution
  • produces less carbon dioxide (which is the primary greenhouse gas), sulphur dioxide (primary precursor of acid rain), nitrogen oxides (primary precursor of smog) and particulate matter (affects health and visibility), than other energy sources
  • affordable
  • reliable, meaning it is available for extraction.

Natural gas is also being as a clean energy source in the following ways:

  • making fertilizer for ethanol
  • generating power for homes and businesses
  • transportation on land and sea
  • electricity generation
  • making methane for hydrogen
  • used in most of our manufacturing products.