Reduce the safety risks when using LPG cylinders:

  • Only use LPG cylinders which have been tested within the last 10 years. The cylinder should be marked with the test date.
  • LPG cylinders shall only be refill at plant by main supplier and it deliver through local gas dealer. The delivery shall only be carried out by trained personnel.
  • Carefully read and comply with the connection instructions supplied with the LPG cylinder.
  • Regularly check cylinder fittings are clean and tight. You can use soapy water to check for leakage.
  • Use an approved hose, regulator, valve, piping and related accessories. The rating of fittings use shall comply accordingly
  • Turn the gas off at the cylinder or main pipe if you suspect a leak.
  • Only use LPG cylinders in well ventilated outdoor areas – never put in confine area / indoors.
  • Keep the LPG cylinder in upright position with its relief valves at top side.
  • Place the LPG cylinder on a firm level base of non-combustible material.


Do not:

  • Miss used the LPG cylinder for other purpose
  • Handle the LPG works without a proper training and supervised by gas competence person
  • Attend any leakage area without proper knowledge and PPE