The LPG is highly flammable and heavier than air. When there is a leakage, the LPG will drop to lower level and there are many ignition source exist which can produce a fire or explosion. Thus, care must be taken to avoid any gas leakage and precaution against ignition source. Storage gas in the building will cause the accumulated gas trap in case of leakage. The higher pressure of the LPG in the container will increase the risk of leak. Due to safety reason, the gas storage shall be located at outside building. The proper installation with an approved accessory only can be used to avoid the gas accidence.

The standard guideline emphasizes the criteria to be meet for the storage facilities and also for the piping system. The gas appliance also need to comply with safety standards. The LPG storage construction must follow the guideline as describe in MS830, while for piping installation shall base on MS930

The LPG storage shall be well ventilated and safe from any possibility of unsafe condition. The storage shall be located at outside building (exclude for domestic cylinder due to its capacity), accessible and approved by authority have jurisdiction. The storage shall be provided with signage’s and also with fire extinguisher or hydrant pipe for emergency used.

The gas piping shall be painted with yellow colour and marked with gas flow signage’s accordingly. By using a centralized LPG system from a gazetted LPG storage can avoid the high capacity of gas