• Switch off the gas immediately, ventilate the area and contact the gas supplier or contractor
  • Standby fire extinguisher and do not switch on an electrical appliance
  • Inspect the leakage area using soap water / snoop / portable gas detector
  • Carry out the tightness test of the piping to identify the leakage portion
  • Check the hose connection.
  • Check the cylinder or piping connections to make sure they are tight Check the accessories connection with snoop / soap water
  • Check that the O ring on the cylinder connection
  • Check the gas cylinder for damage
  • Rectification must be made before continue the operation. Make sure all the work must be done by qualified person only and test accordingly



Note:  Make sure the gas cylinder used is valid under 10 years, otherwise it shall return for requalification. Always exchange LP Gas cylinders at a reputable supplier.