Always use BIS-approved appliances from authentic sources Obtain BIS-approved LPG regulators and Suraksha rubber tubes from authorised LPG distributors only CYLINDERS Check that LPG cylinders have the company seal and safety cap intact If you are not sure about safe use of LPG, ask the delivery person for a demonstration Get your gas appliances […]

Controls for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

When using LPG extra care must be taken. This is because storage facilities for LPG must meet certain safety standards. You should store as few gas cylinders as possible. You should also make sure there is suitable ventilation where the gas is being stored and used, particularly at a low level. This is because LPG […]

6 Things you don’t know about LPG

While you may know some of these facts, chances are you don’t know all of them. Real LPG Explosions Are Really Rare Simulated Natural Gas from LPG The Source of LPG Australian Made Energy LPG is a Renewable Energy Source LPG is NOT Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

Gas safety precautions

If your risk assessment has found hazards linked to the use of gas, then you need to put precautions in place. There are a number of things you can do, such as the following. Make sure your staff are trained to use equipment. Store gas cylinders as per regulations. Install and regularly test carbon monoxide (CO) detectors […]

Information about transporting LP Gas cylinders

Background Workers have died or sustained serious injuries after their work vehicles exploded. These explosions occurred when gas from leaking portable gas cylinders ignited inside the vehicles. In many cases, the ignition source was the vehicle’s electrical system. Flammable gas cylinders include those containing oxygen, acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas, and propane or butane throwaway-style cylinders. […]

What to do if you see bubbles in gas pipe

Switch off the gas immediately Re-check the hose to make sure it hasn’t perished Re-check connections to make sure they are tight – get into the habit of doing this regularly Check that the O ring on the connection hasn’t perished Check the gas cylinder for damage – Note: you can’t refill an LP Gas […]


Reduce safety risks when using LPG cylinders Only use LPG cylinders which have been tested within the last 10 years. The cylinder should be marked with the test date. Fill LPG cylinders at authorised filling stations staffed by trained personnel. Carefully read and comply with the connection instructions supplied with the LPG cylinder. Regularly check […]

Difference Between LPG vs Natural Gas

Difference Between LPG vs Natural Gas LPG (LP) gas is not the same as natural gas. LPG is propane vs natural gas, which is is methane. The difference between LPG gas vs natural gas is that both flammable hydrocarbon gases have different energy content, density, storage methods and the amount of air required for proper […]