There are 3 standard types of bulk tank capacity available in Malaysia.

Namely 2.5Kl, 5Kl and 10Kl tanks (Kl = kilo litres). There must be adequate space available to have such storage capacity. These types of facility are called LPG farm. It usually comes with minimum 2 tanks (1 use + 1 standby). Such facility usually requires vaporiser machine to gasify the liquid LPG to reach a higher flow rate. An oil separator is also installed to remove any oil residual flowing in. Other accessories like pressure gauges, ball valves… etc shall be part of the storage farm.




  1. Operation & Maintenance Manual
  2. Warranty of certain material (if stated on quotation only)
  3. Assist on NG / LPG system troubleshoot
  4. Emergency Response (subject to quotation)

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