50KG Cylinder Type

At Globegas, we also supply LPG in 50 kg cylinder.  This type of cylinder is filled with LPG in the main Plant and also by authorized distributors at their respective facility. The maximum number of cylinders that can be stored in a single storage room is 23 which gives a total of 1150 kg. For this type of storage, there will be a manifold to create a gas bank with 1 operate & 1 standby, pressure gauges, auto switch over, ball valves and out let pipes. In some places, more than 1 storage room is available but there are safety requirements that has to meet as per regulation act. Once LPG’s in cylinder is consumed completely, then the cylinders are replaced with newly filled ones. Customers can expect some wastage using this type of storage of LPG between 5% to 15% .




  1. Operation & Maintenance Manual
  2. Warranty of certain material (if stated on quotation only)
  3. Assist on NG / LPG system troubleshoot
  4. Emergency Response (subject to quotation)
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